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Qigong at the Bus Stop

Monday, February 14, 2011

Recently, our youngest son began complaining of headaches when he awakens and also throughout the day.  This morning, his head was particularly sore and he asked if he could stay home from school.  When I reminded him that today was his class’ Valentines Day party, I suggested instead that he try doing some Qigong, something he sees me practice all the time.   While I finished frosting some cupcakes for our older son’s class party, he practiced two Qigong movements.  Before he walked out the door to go to school, I suggested he do Qigong whenever he is waiting for the bus or is in line at school. 

A few minutes later, I had to smile when I looked out the door to see him doing a Dragon’s Way Qigong meridian stretch while he waited for his school bus.  This particular movement, which is powerful for unlocking trapped energy in the upper body, particularly in the upper back and neck, was a perfect way to help with his persistent headache problem and a great way to facilitate self-healing.  I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough capture him doing this Qigong movement but I did get this photo of my two cute boys. 

I told my son that we will do more Qigong when he gets home from school in an effort to bring further balance to his body.  Finding this balance will help him, I believe, to eliminate his headaches and the gripping fatigue that has been plaguing him.  The Dragon’s Way can help even a seven year-old boy to feel better and that is a good thing.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!


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