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Healing Journals

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The best way I have found to make BIG CHANGES in my life is to stop to notice and record the little changes as they occur. As I participated in The Dragon’s Way program, I wrote a Healing Journal. At times this journal was a bound notebook. Other times this journal took the form of a private Blogger blog when it was easier to punch away at my computer. Either way, a Healing Journal helped me to keep track of my thoughts, observations and experiences as I progressed in my self-healing journey.

As I was reviewing my Dragon’s Way Healing Journal, I smiled when I read this entry from back in October:

Changes? What is changing? I am changing, I know that. I am still feeling calm and, for the most part, quite collected, even during stressful times. A HUGE change for me happened on Saturday after the Halloween Trunk or Treat party. Each of the five kids came home with a large bag of candy and none of it appealed to me at all. This has never happened to me in my whole life! I have NEVER been unable to resist Halloween candy or candy (especially chocolate!) of any kind. On Saturday, my son handed me an Almond Joy, one of my favorites, and I didn't want it. It didn’t sound good to me at all. The Dragon's Way is working! All the kids offered to share their candy with me but the thought of it was unpleasant. This was SO COOL! What’s more, my appetite has evaporated and finally, for the first time, I am eating “just when I was hungry". I love Qigong!!!

Taking the time to jot down a few thoughts about how I am feeling, emotionally and physically, what foods appeal to me, what I am thinking or what I am no longer craving is a powerful healing tool that I highly recommend.


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